Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q 6.0)

The EDE-Q 6.0 (Fairburn & Beglin, 1994) is a self-report assessment form that helps identify key behaviours of eating disorders and the severity of aspects of the eating disorder so that these features can be considered as part of treatment.


The following questions are concerned with the past 4 weeks (28 days) ONLY. Please read each question carefully. Please answer all of the questions. Thank you.

Basic Information
Before starting the EDE-Q 6.0, please provide the following personal information so that your results are captured in your file. This information is covered under the confidentiality agreement already discussed with your therapist and responses will only be reviewed and discussed by yourself and your therapist unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon, within the normal terms of confidentiality.
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Section 1: Questions 1-12
Please circle the appropriate number on the right. Remember that the questions only refer to the past 4 weeks (28 days) only.
On how many of the past 28 days... *
On how many of the past 28 days...
Have you been deliberately trying to limit the amount of food you eat to influence your shape or weight (whether or not you have succeeded)?
Have you done for long periods of time (8 waking hours or more) without eating anything at all in order to influence your shape or weight)?