Learn Mindfulness - Live Beginner Small Group Class


Learn Mindfulness - Live Beginner Small Group Class


Next available dates in Toronto: Sept 12 - Nov 7, 2017

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Learning the art of mindfulness and the craft of loving yourself in the presence of a group can be a very powerful experience. Hearing others' experiences can enhance your learning. Sharing about yourself within the presence of others can help teach you to put yourself out there in day-to-day life. In either case, relationships are a HUGE part of our lives and, often, part of the reason we have so much trouble saying "yes" to ourselves is because we are worrying about others and what they might think. So going through this process with a group also gives you the opportunity to challenge and redefine how you are with others as you strengthen your relationship with yourself.

As with our other classes, this group program focuses on enhancing self-discovery, self-compassion, and self-acceptance through the practice of mindfulness meditation. This course will begin by teaching you the foundational techniques of mindfulness meditation but also teach you how to feel into your body, how to let go, forgiveness, and how to direct love and compassion toward yourself and others.

Classes take place in Toronto, Ontario. Please see above for upcoming dates and available sessions.

COURSE STRUCTURE - 8x 1-hour small group classes occurring weekly (allowing time for practice and integration between sessions).


  • Kernel of Wisdom's meditation guide filled with tips, tools, and meditations to support your practice.
  • 7-day a week meditative coaching and support between classes.
  • Food or other tools that are incorporated as a regular part of the program.


  • Establish a meditation-habit and know how to meditate confidently.
  • Discover your inner voice.
  • Learn how to listen to the voice within.
  • Heal your relationship with yourself.
  • Discover your personal bliss and take the steps to begin investing in quality time with yourself, doing the things you've come to learn that you love.
  • Find enough self-love and self-compassion to take better care of yourself and reach your goals.