Mindful Eating: Live Digital Group


Mindful Eating: Live Digital Group


A live, engaged digital group where you will heal your relationship with your body, create a new way of being with food and your body, and learn how to eat more intuitively and mindfully. 

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There's nothing wrong with emotional eating, until we don't even realize we are doing it.

When we are unaware of our emotionally-charged relationship to food IT can control US. Food becomes something more, something infused with meaning. It becomes our medicine, our therapist, our best friend, or our drug-of-choice rather than food just being... well, food. From there it is easy to become dependent on food. For many of us, this can kick-start start a cycle of struggle:

  1. We experience difficult feelings or events > and, without enough skills to cope, we look for comfort in food
  2. Our eating begins to feel out of control > we find ourselves searching for "something" that never seems satisfied
  3. We hate the lack of control we feel with food, and its consequences > but without recognizing emotional eating for what it is, we don't realize we need alternative coping skills and instead just try will ourselves to restrict our eating
  4. Our emotions and bodies fight back > we ave trouble escaping our habits, the struggle deepens, and we tell ourselves it's our fault, chipping away at our self-confidence and self-worth
  5. We feel helpless, guilty, ashamed, afraid or even angry - and as these difficult feelings increase, we are re-motivated to turn to food for comfort and healing... reinforcing the cycle

Sound familiar? Make it stop.

The first step to dealing with emotional eating, is realizing that we are doing it. Mindfulness increases are self-awareness in the present moment so that you can more effectively identify and distinguish between your physical and emotional feelings, as well as the habitual thoughts and urges you experience that reinforce behaviours you don't like. Not only that, but mindfulness has been proven to improve emotional regulation, self-acceptance, self-compassion, and interpersonal skills. That means you'll not only be more aware of your emotional eating - but you'll have the tools to DO something about it. 

This 8-week mindful eating program is designed to help you heal your relationship to your body, discover non-food ways to cope with stress and emotion, learn to practice more intuitive and mindful eating, and enhance your sense of self-compassion and gratitude. 


This course is offered through a live, digital format. That way you can access the program from anywhere but still have the opportunity to share, hear from others, ask questions directly, and get personalized support. Group size is limited so that you still get all the benefits of a small group class, online. The course is also structured to be collaborate - in the first session the group decides on the best time/days of the week to meet and while platform (i.e., Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.) works best for them.


  • Number of sessions: 8 weekly sessions (allowing time for practice and integration between sessions)
  • Session length: 50-60 minutes per session
  • Session structure:
    • 10 minutes - reflections on at-home practice
    • 15-20 minutes - mindfulness practice instruction
    • 20 minutes - discussion on theory/intention of week's mindfulness concepts
    • 5-10 minutes - wrap-up/review weekly at-home practice
  • Group Size: limited to 4-8 participants


  • Personalized, small-group instruction from Joelle Anderson, trained Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Coach
  • Course-Specific Meditation Guide filled with tips, tools, and meditations to support your practice
  • Free audio download with all the guided meditations introduced through the course
  • Access to free, guided meditations through the Kernel of Wisdom YouTube Channel
  • 7-day a week meditative coaching and support between classes


  • Increased body-acceptance
  • New relationship to the body (from one of struggle to seeing the body as a source of highly-personal information)
  • Knowledge and skill at more intuitive, mindful eating
  • Improved emotion regulation and stress management skills
  • Enhanced self-awareness and self-compassion
  • Improved sense of gratitude
  • A life that is more full and satisfying OUTSIDE of food/eating
  • Establishment of a mindfulness meditation practice and ability to practice with confidence
  • A network of peers for ongoing support and connection

COURSE START DATE: Thursday, October 5 @ 7:30pm ET