1 Session Mindfulness Coaching - In Person


1 Session Mindfulness Coaching - In Person


Available in Toronto or Muskoka for those who have completed an 8-week beginner package.

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If you've already completed Kernel of Wisdom's 8-week beginner program, you should already have a new appreciation for the self and all the tools you need to continue to nurture and develop that relationship. However, many students choose to continue with Kernel of Wisdom's mentorship process in order to keep advancing their skills and practices and see even deeper, more defined results. 

It's like having a personal trainer... for your mind and soul.

Top-up private classes can help make sure you're staying on track, accountable, and to keep re-assessing your goals and progress. They can also help you troubleshoot through new challenges or blockages that arise. 

Furthermore, because we are able to meet in person, live classes are often a great opportunity to take your practice off-the-cushion and begin to practice new techniques and skills in real life.

Please note that individual "one-off" classes are ONLY AVAILABLE to individuals who have completed a beginner package, ensuring you have the basics of mindfulness meditation and foundations in Kernel of Wisdom's self-love process.