"I strongly recommend Joelle's Mindfulness Meditation classes to literally anyone and everyone, whatever your situation, experience, you’re bound to benefit from her teachings. Joelle makes the practice feel effortless, and I think that’s what mindfulness and meditation is all about."


"Joelle’s mindfulness course was a life-changing experience. For the last few years, I had been exploring meditation on my own and looking for a community of practice; but without much success. The course content, weekly classes, and support of my peers and mentor (Joelle) was just what I needed to integrate this practice into my daily life. I feel like I have gotten to know myself deeply through this experience. My stress and anxiety has decreased significantly, my body feels more relaxed, and my family has even commented on the difference in my attention and mood since beginning this course. I believe this course and mentor have put me on a life long journey of continued mindfulness and meditation. Thank you!"


"Joelle was a wonderful mentor through this journey. She has a firm grasp of the science to support and explain the benefits of mindfulness as well as a a committed practice to share her own experiences. Joelle is open to speaking about her own challenges/growth as a mindfulness practitioner - which makes you feel safe as a newbie."


"Joelle was fantastic!! One of the best teachers I have ever had and I have had many. Kind, compassionate, caring, thorough, reliable, fun, etc., etc., etc. She made the content all very easy to understand and I never felt like I was out of the loop or left with more questions then when I came in."